Aesthetic dental care in Saint Genis Pouilly - Dental and orthodontic center


34 Rue du mont blanc 01630 Saint Genis Pouilly

Aesthetic dental care in Saint Genis Pouilly - Dental and orthodontic center


34 Rue du mont blanc 01630 Saint Genis Pouilly

Exceptional Dentists and Orthodontists in Saint Genis Pouilly Located at 34 Rue du Mont Blanc in Saint Genis Pouilly (01630) a stone's throw from Geneva and CERN, the dentists of the dental and orthodontic center of Saint Genis Pouilly welcome you in a modern and friendly for your exceptional dental care at affordable prices.
Opened in the spring of 2023, the Saint Genis Pouilly Dental and Orthodontic Center practices all the dental disciplines of modern dentistry. Do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment online.


Our Dentists of Saint-Genis-Pouilly answer you:

It is recommended to  visit a dentist at least once a year  for a dental examination and cleaning. However, you should also see a dentist if you experience dental pain, have jaw problems, notice changes in your teeth or gums, or have braces. In general, it's always better to see a dentist as soon as you notice a problem rather than waiting for symptoms to get worse. The Dental Center and  our dentists in Saint Genis-Pouilly are at your disposal for an initial dental consultation .


The treatments commonly offered as part of aesthetic dental care are:

Teeth whitening : This is the most common treatment. It helps to lighten the color of your teeth and eliminate stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco or aging.

Dental veneers : These are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the visible face of the teeth to improve their appearance.

Dental crowns : used to restore the shape, size and strength of damaged or worn teeth.

Invisible Orthodontics : To correct teeth alignment issues without the appearance of traditional braces. Aligners, like Invisalign, are a popular option.


Cosmetic dental care has many advantages: 

  • Improved appearance. Cosmetic dental treatments can help improve the appearance of your smile by whitening your teeth, filling in gaps, or correcting other cosmetic problems.
  • increased confidence. Having a beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence and make you more attractive.
  • Improved oral health. Some cosmetic dental treatments can also help improve your oral health by removing stains and dental tartar.
  • Less stress. Having a beautiful smile can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Dental whitening in Saint Genis Pouilly. 

Beyond Plus is a teeth whitening system used by many dental professionals around the world. This is the whitening system that our dentists have chosen for our dental practice in Saint Genis Pouilly.  

Procedure of a dental whitening session in the chair at the Saint Genis Pouilly dental center:  

  • Gum protection 
  • Application of the whitening gel:
  • Activate gel with blue LED light to activate the gel

Dental veneers in Saint Genis pouilly

Dental veneers are an important aspect of cosmetic dentistry. They are used to improve the appearance of teeth by changing their color, shape, size or length. The veneers that will be offered to you by our dentists in Saint Genis Pouilly will generally be made of Emax ceramic.

Procedure for the placement of dental veneers:

  • Dental consultation
  •  Preparing your teeth 
  • Impression taking 
  • Realization of your veneers in the laboratory 
  • Fitting and posing

Veneers are a popular option in cosmetic dentistry because they can greatly improve the appearance of your teeth. However, although dental veneers are durable, they do not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced.

dental crowns 

Dental crowns are another frequently used dental treatment in cosmetic dentistry. A crown is a kind of "cap" that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance.

Dental crowns are often used for:

  • Protect a weak tooth.
  • Restore an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been badly worn.
  • To cover and support a tooth when there are not many teeth left.
  • To hold an artificial tooth in place as part of a dental bridge.
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Improve the appearance of discolored or malformed teeth.
  • Your dentist in Saint genis pouilly will prepare your tooth before making an impression and will place a temporary crown. When the permanent crown is ready, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown cemented onto the root.

    The cost of cosmetic dental treatments varies depending on the type of treatment you choose. Some treatments, such as teeth whitening, are relatively inexpensive. Other treatments, such as veneers and crowns, can be more expensive.

    In conclusion, there are several reasons why you may choose to be treated by our dentists at 34 Rue du Mont Blanc in Saint Genis Pouilly:
    Complete dental care: The Saint Genis Pouilly dental and orthodontic center offers a full range of dental care, including scaling, panoramic x-rays, 3D scanners, caries care, dental extractions, dental dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontic treatments.
    Our dentists in Saint Genis Pouilly can also offer you specialized treatments such as cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery. Comfort and convenience: The dental and orthodontic center offers you a comfortable and convenient environment, we have state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff (dentists, dental assistants, medical secretaries) to provide quality care.
    Savings: The Saint-Genis-Pouilly dental and orthodontic center will save you money on your dental care compared to traditional dental offices. We practice third-party payment and are affiliated with the main French mutual insurance companies in order to help you obtain the quality dental care you need at an affordable cost.
    Superior quality care: Our dental center is equipped with the latest dental technologies: Fingerprints, panoramic X-rays, 3D scanners, allowing us to offer superior quality care to our patients.
    By choosing the Saint-Genis-Pouilly dental and orthodontic center, you can be assured of receiving comprehensive, high-quality dental care in a comfortable and convenient environment, and at an affordable cost.